so it was ages ago that I made a tutorial for something and I had this one kind of laying around (in the paper version) so I thought that I should make it into a pretty Illustrator picture and upload it here with pictures of my own gollar that I made for this summer.

gollar - front open

My gollar is made out of wool and lined with rabbit fur and can be worn both with the collar down and the collar standing, it is closed with three hooks and eyes in the front.
As it is hard to take photos of your own back I bribed my sister to act as a model, she is much smaller then me so it looks a bit big on her.
gollar - front
gollar - side
gollar - back
gollar - detail
gollar - gusset detail
gollar - side open
gollar - back

Here are some inspirational pictures
Martin Schaffner 1533
gollar inspiration
gollar inspiration 2
Hans Holbein the Younger 1523
gollar inspiration 3

And finally the pattern, the measurements are in cm NOT in inches, click for bigger picture
gollar - pattern front
gollar - pattern back

As usual a toile is a good idea to make sure of the fit before you cut into fancy fabric. Good luck and happy kampfrauing

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