business cards

I realized this other day that I am almost out of business cards, bad stuff since there is a craft show in a mont, but it there is never a good thing to be all out of business cards.


So I made new ones, which I really like, I’m kind of quick when settling on a design, so I actually made these  just today, and ordered them today to. I am really bad at thinking about the design, I do the “I like I buy” thing, which almost always turns out fine.
I am ordering them of so I will get 50 different colours (or 39 to be exact, so Ill get some doubles to) I just love

How to sew a fishtail skirt

I thought that I would bring my “fishtail skirt tutorial” over to here from my livejournal, so here you go :)


I thought that I would share this little tutorial on how to make a nice fishtail skirt, it is really not that hard as it can look and you will end up with a smashing skirt that makes you look flash were ever you go. You can make this skirt at any length, from the knee and down. I put a triangular panel of ruffles in between the two back panels but this tutorial does not include that and this skirt can be both lined and not lined but I will not give any explanation how to line the skirt. Continue reading “How to sew a fishtail skirt”

a little black corset 2008-12-02

my first corset for myself with a busk, waisttape, real nice steel boning and 2 layers of coutil. There is nothing more that I can say about it then that I love it. It fits like a glove, I can reduce it 10 cm (4 inches) without any problems and there is still 10 cm (4 inches) to go before it is totally closed. Since I made the pattern myself, the shape is just like I like it to be and it is like a second skin.

I made it to be “boring” and to work with everything ^^ boring and wonderful. I will try and get some pictures of me in it tomorrow.