business cards

I realized this other day that I am almost out of business cards, bad stuff since there is a craft show in a mont, but it there is never a good thing to be all out of business cards.


So I made new ones, which I really like, I’m kind of quick when settling on a design, so I actually made these  just today, and ordered them today to. I am really bad at thinking about the design, I do the “I like I buy” thing, which almost always turns out fine.
I am ordering them of so I will get 50 different colours (or 39 to be exact, so Ill get some doubles to) I just love

How to sew a fishtail skirt

I thought that I would bring my “fishtail skirt tutorial” over to here from my livejournal, so here you go :)


I thought that I would share this little tutorial on how to make a nice fishtail skirt, it is really not that hard as it can look and you will end up with a smashing skirt that makes you look flash were ever you go. You can make this skirt at any length, from the knee and down. I put a triangular panel of ruffles in between the two back panels but this tutorial does not include that and this skirt can be both lined and not lined but I will not give any explanation how to line the skirt. Continue reading “How to sew a fishtail skirt”

a little black corset 2008-12-02

my first corset for myself with a busk, waisttape, real nice steel boning and 2 layers of coutil. There is nothing more that I can say about it then that I love it. It fits like a glove, I can reduce it 10 cm (4 inches) without any problems and there is still 10 cm (4 inches) to go before it is totally closed. Since I made the pattern myself, the shape is just like I like it to be and it is like a second skin.

I made it to be “boring” and to work with everything ^^ boring and wonderful. I will try and get some pictures of me in it tomorrow.

Craftshow 2008-11-29

Today (2008-11-29) I was at a local craft show that is called Deajnmarknad (design market), there were a certain lack of people coming to buy things, but it is always so much nice people selling nice stuff so it was fun anyway, I drank a whole lot of coffee on empty stomach so in the end of the day my hands started to tremble terribly so that hemming my newly woven napkins turned out to be a bit tricky. I like having things to do with my hands at all times, time spent with nothing to do with your hands are wasted time for me, the only time that my hands are out of work is when I sleep ;)

My table

I had a hard time getting people to take my moocards, they did not seem to understand that there were business cards as well, so people only took my big cards.

My new chokers, I really like them ^^


okey, so I kind of tried, did not like it so now FINALLY I¨m taking up this blog as my creativity blog :)