chocolate 2008-12-07

this weekend have been spent making homemade chocolate, easy to make and nice giveaways for Christmas. Really it is easy to make them, and they look really nice to.

1. Melt chocolate and paint the molds (I used both a real chocolate mold and ice cube molds) with chocolate, let them dry and then paint one more layer and let that layer dry to.

2. Make the filling. I use 1dl of non whipped whipped cream, warming it to a boil and then I put 200 grams of roughly chopped chocolate into the whipped cream and stir it until it is a nice and even cream. Then you can put some kind of flavoring into it but I keep mine plain.

3. Fill your molds but not to the top with the filling, I put some hazelnuts and walnuts into my filling.

4. Melt some more chocolate and fill up your molds to the top.

5. Leave in the refrigerator over the night.

6. Then it is just to pop your babies out of their molds and start the decorating I used white chocolate and nuts.

Look, pretty and tasty things to eat and give away to dear ones :)

2 thoughts on “chocolate 2008-12-07

  1. Thank you for these tips. But could you tell me what chocolate did you use for melting. Can we use cocoa powder to make chocolates. Do give me some ideas in this.

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