Craftshow 2008-11-29

Today (2008-11-29) I was at a local craft show that is called Deajnmarknad (design market), there were a certain lack of people coming to buy things, but it is always so much nice people selling nice stuff so it was fun anyway, I drank a whole lot of coffee on empty stomach so in the end of the day my hands started to tremble terribly so that hemming my newly woven napkins turned out to be a bit tricky. I like having things to do with my hands at all times, time spent with nothing to do with your hands are wasted time for me, the only time that my hands are out of work is when I sleep ;)

My table

I had a hard time getting people to take my moocards, they did not seem to understand that there were business cards as well, so people only took my big cards.

My new chokers, I really like them ^^


okey, so I kind of tried, did not like it so now FINALLY I¨m taking up this blog as my creativity blog :)