I had this crazy idea this other night (which kept me from sleeping) that I would make my own BJD. I know that I have not actually mentioned to any one that I like BJD’s before, but well I do. Not so much that I would buy one, but just so much that I consider making one for myself (most people would call me crazy, to make one you would probably REALLY love those bjd’s, but this is how I work). I have tried my hand on making dolls so many times (with no success) in so many techniques but never really “getting there” I feel that this I actually follow through with and succeed with, it is hard enough and crazy enough to make me try it out, and there are so many tutorials on the net to help me out.

Here are some:
How to make Noah’s doll
Japanese page (Does not fully work, but the beginning is really good)
Link collection on LJ


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