pocket hoops

2009-01-09 pocket hoops
I decided to make a 18th century dress as the “special project” in school this spring, and for that I need the stuff that goes under ^^ I am making a “Robe a la Francaise” and I decided to make pocket hoops in stead of the kidney shaped crinoline.

2009-01-09 pocket hoops
I used the pattern from “Corsets and crinolines” by Norah Waugh, I scaled the pattern using a overhead projector on the wall and then putting up some paper and draw the pattern on it. It worked really well and was easy. The sewing part was also a piece of cake, it went together really well.

2009-01-09 pocket hoops
They are not finished yet, I need to put them on a waist band and finish the raw edges by hand, and turn them, so that you see the pretty outside in stead of the tape for the spring steel and the raw edges. The fabric is a really nice linen fabric, striped with leaf garlands on.


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