The Christmas dress 2008

Christmas dress 2008 frontChristmas dress 2008 sideChristmas dress 2008 back

I thought that I would share with you my Christmas dress (click to enlarge images). It is in red taffeta from Stoff och Stil and decorated with this really pretty lace from Vena Cava Design
I have used this lace before and I just adore it, subtle and small but beautiful and the quality is nice to.
Christmas dress 2008 detail

I made the pattern for this dress myself, it is really the pattern that I made for a blouse a while back, I just added the skirt part and made a new collar and so.

Christmas dress 2008
To make the skirt full, I have a separate petticoat under it, I like having poofy skirts, but sometimes I feel so lolita wannabe in them.


One thought on “The Christmas dress 2008

  1. den är så himla söt den där =)

    en liten parentes bara- du kanske vill byta ut “subtitle” (undertext) till “subtle” (diskret) ^_^

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