the jacket is finished

the finished jacket frontthe finished jacket sidethe finished jacket backthe finished jacket mirror
I was certain that I did blog about it but well, it is obvious that I have not done so. ;)

the finished jacket on me
The striped wool fabric for this jacket is woven by me, and it was heartbreaking cutting out the pieces, knowing that if I mess up, there is no way that I can just go and buy some more fabric and putting up a warp is really time consuming so that is really not an option either.
A tricky fabric since the edges frayed A LOT. The black wool is store bought.
the finished jacket lining 2the finished jacket button

the patterns is done by me as usual and the jacket features, hand sewn buttonholes, bright red satin lining, pockets with the same lining as the jacket it self, a lot of love and pattern matching. But a lot of the matching are actually accidental, I made sure that the striped in the waist would match and then the most of the other stripes said “OK we will cooperate!”.

the finished jacket lining

the pother posts about the jacket can be found


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