the robe a la francaise project is still not on the move, the problem of finding a nice fabric have landed it on the waiting list, and I need to take care of the corset issue first. But now I have gotten the stuff from VenaCavaDesign that I needed so I can finish the mock-up and then move on to the real thing. The pocket hoops are finished and I will take some pictures of them perhaps this Tuesday.

But now on to what the title says, flowers! My dress will have about 200 pink flowers on it, and fabric roses does not look that authentic as I would wish them to look, so I goggled fabric roses for some hours last night and found not fabric roses but how to make flowers out of coffee filters on the Martha Stewart site. They look truly awesome and real. Check it out here!

This youtube clip shows the technique to, I had trouble making the Martha Stewart video to load.

I tried my hand on one this morning, it was dead easy but I had the wrong kind of tape so it was a bit tricky. But it turned out nice anyway, I only had brown filters at home so I have not painted it at all, I can Imagen that some paint will make it come alive some more.
coffee filter rose


One thought on “flowers

  1. Hey!
    I never got that you had a blog of your own, you have to ell me about things like this so I can follow your blog an put it up in my blogroll! ;D
    You have some great stuff here! =*

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