printing of fabric

I actually have used the prints that I made a while ago. I have test printed the “chandelier print” on a piece of white linen fabric.
chandelier test print

And I have printed the “gates print” on red cotton broadcloth, it is going to end up as a skirt.
gates print - under "construction"
gates print - under "construction"
gates print - finished

And I also Printed the “Alice print” on gray cotton broadcloth and that is also going to end up as a skirt. I like skirts so much ^^ but I don’t really need any more, I should be making tops to go with my skirts in stead.
Alice print - under "construction"
Alice print - finished


6 thoughts on “printing of fabric

  1. haii,, btw, i wanna askin question. the tools to make d printing, what is that? how to make it pal?

  2. I used overhead plastic to cut out the shapes in, and then I used a brush to apply the paint (it is a special fabric printing paint)

  3. Hello, good afternoon.. I want to know how you cut the shapes in the overhead plastic.. and this plastic can be use to other things?? Because in Brasil we use retropojector plastic, but I use this and I didn’t like.. May you say to me how you cut the plastic??
    Thank you very much ^_^

  4. 5: Leilane: I thing that a Retropojector is the same ting and what we call Overhead projector in Sweden so it should be the same kind of plastic. I use a small utility knife or a scalpel to cut the shapes out of the plastic and a hole punch (like the one you use to put holes into leather and fabric) to make the holes.

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