I have found some really nice lace to use for the robe a la Francaise, and it was for free! We were at a underwear company with school this Wednesday, and there the nice lady who were showing us all the nice machines and materials they used said “do you want some materials” Yes! we all said and the lady picked out a BIG box with lace and other materials that were leftover from their production. When we got back to school our teacher said “take stuff when you need it”.
So I took some lace since I knew that I will be using it later.

It is not really what I wanted, it is synthetic, but it is quite high quality so it does not look all that horrible and to find cotton lace that looks like this seems to be impossible. I like the lace on the last picture least, but it is ok and It will be the flounce that is under the other ones.
lace for my robe a la Francaise
lace for my robe a la Francaise
lace for my robe a la Francaise

I don’t know if I have mentioned that I will be making a replica of pompadours green dress, and look at the flounces of lace, I think that my lace will fit perfectly.


2 thoughts on “lace

  1. I look forward to seeing how this dress comes together. I only found your blog recently and I’m really enjoying watching your creativity unfold. You’re very talented and extremely original! Thanks very much (from Australia).

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