mini photo shoot

I had a mini photo shoot all by myself on my balcony this Saturday, and as a girl who want to everything herself I played both model and photographer ;P A bit of fabric in one end of the balcony and the camera on timer in the other was all that was needed to make it work, and I do not have a big balcony at all :P I use a Canon PowerShot A640 and it have custom timer settings, so I have the setting on it waiting 1 second and then taking 10 frames at a row with 1 second in between.
wool jacket and skirt
summer dress
gray striped wool dress
button corset and fishtail skirt - back
button corset and fishtail skirt
Alice skirt and black corset
flower dress- silhouette
flower dress


2 thoughts on “mini photo shoot

  1. Hello.. Känner mig som en stalker nu.. Din egna lilla stalker från bdb… :S
    Men blev ju nyfiken. Skitfina bilder! verkligen ascoola med bakgrunden, och att man inte ser benen! Ett tips bara, koppla in kameran till tv-n, så ser du direkt hur bilden kommer bli! …så slipper man ta tio åt gången.. Och fjärrkontroll till kaneran är jävligt behändigt!

    /Hellis (bdb-Helllis…)

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