Do you have a matching purse to your dress?
the purse with the matching dress

I made another coin purse, out of my favourite fabric at the moment, the same fabric that I used for the gray little wool dress, a Italian wool fabric of high quality, the coin purse is lined with red polyester taffeta. As I wore that dress to school today I thought that I would take the chance to take a photo of the coin purse whilst wearing my dress. This one I am not keeping, even though it is pretty and matches my dress, I already have a functional coin purse, a red velvet one, not as fancy as this one but it works.


One thought on “matching

  1. Hej! Jag har ett erbjudande du nog skulle vara intresserad av! Vårt företag unsigned design erbjuder oetablerade kläddesigners en chans att komma in i modebranschen. Om jag får din mail så kan jag skicka info om företaget och vad vi gör? skicka mailen till :
    Mvh Hanna Öhrn
    Unsigned design

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