This Saturday I entered a competition called re:design24.
The task was to create a collection of five garments and two accessories made from thrift shop clothing and fabric during only 24 hours.
We were put in a big room with sewing machines and materials and were only able to leave the house for one hour on the Saturday and one hour on Sunday to collect stuff like zippers and so on and to eat something. It started 3pm at Friday and ended at 3om at Sunday.

It all started with material picking, our names were drawn at random so that it would be fair, we took one garment or bit of fabric and then they drew a new name, when everyone had taken one thing, they mixed the names again and we did the same procedure again until we were all agreed with having enough material to start working. The “leftovers” we now fair game to take when you needed. Here is some of the stuff that I took; I did not take photos of everything.

re:design24 springbefore
re:design 24 before
re:design 24 before
re:design 24 before

Then we all started working, I had not really a clear view with what I wanted to do, but I started to work on a summer dress, but the material was awful to work with so I gave up on that and started with another dress, the only thing I knew that I wanted to do was dresses, since that is kind of “me”. I love dresses and even though it perhaps would been seen as easier to do a skirt and a top because that is two items I decided to just make dresses except that I knew I wanted to make a corset out of this really cute strawberry fabric that I snatched up as the first item I choose.

I drank a whole lot of coke to keep my spirit up and I did not get tired at all, perhaps it was all the adrenaline pumping and as the clock reached 9am Sunday morning I had finished most of my things to 95% I needed some zippers and hook and eyes to complete my garments. So I took some pictures of my garments (I put them together with some needles were they needed them) an made ready for the presentation, wrote some text explaining my theme hat was the different seasons of the year, winter, spring, summer and autumn.
Then the clock became 10am (the time that all the shops open at saturdays) and I ran around looking for grommets like a crazy woman, I found all that I needed and then completed my collection with one hour to go.

I went home got a half our of sleep and then went back to the prize ceremony, there was some looking at peoples collections and drinking cider and then we went up on the stage and they did some talking about the competition and then the announced the winner, and it was ME. I was surprised of course since I thought that they would choose one of the two girls that had sailor collections since that is so trendy at the moment. But no they picked me :D The price was a sewing machine and to have a spot in a local shop Radiodays window display.
I am so happy I really needed a sewing machine to :D

Here is my collection (click on the pictures to see them in bigger size).

Winter dress with matching purse
I used a fabric with an odd surface for this one, and the button in the front is a really cute vintage button shaped like a flower. My thought about it was: toned down, cool and pale and gossamer, a winter dress longing for spring.
re:design24 winter dress
re:design24 winter dress back
re:design24 purse

Spring dress
This was the oversized dress, It turned into a short dress with low low back. The words about this dress was: Flowers in the snow, carefully colourful, a dress with flowers making their way to the spring sun.
re:design24 spring dress
re:design24 spring dress back

Summer corset with matching “shoes” and separate skirt
A long long long lace curtain for the skirt, some strawberry scrap fabric and old pants for the corset and shoes. The word for these things was: colourful, bubbly, sweets, cotton candy skirt.
re:design24 summer dress
re:design24 summer dress back
re:design24 summer dress shoes

Autumn dress
A old “granny skirt” and a pair of jeans was used for this dress and the words for it was: foul and rainy weather, sky of thunder, a dress speaking of the weather of autumn.
The ribbon in the back can be tied in all sorts of ways.
re:design24 autumn dress
re:design24 autumn dress back
re:design24 autumn dress bow

This is how my “display” looked.
re:design24 setup 5
re:design24 setup 1
re:design24 setup 2
re:design24 setup 4re:design24 setup 3

And here is my price a Bernina activia 220 sewing machine, and some pretty flowers smelling like Jasmine.
re:design24 price
re:design price flowers

If you want to check out the other people competing look at the competitions own blog (but it is in swedish)

8 thoughts on “re:design24

  1. I love to read your blog from time to time, You are so very talented it inspires me.

    After seeing all of the pictures of your collection, it’s not a suprise to me that you won the competition! You are so talented.

    Congratulations, you deserve it!

  2. I am not surprised you won. I am a huge fan of your Etsy store; your work inspires me. Congratulations on your prize of a sewing machine, and keep making such beautiful pieces – you have a bright future ahead of you!


  3. I never read this whole post, I just looked at all the pictures… And yesterday I walked by a shop window and saw these creations there! I was like “Heeeey, I recognize these!”, then it occured to me that this is where I hade seen them before! =D I never realized you were from Örebro! =D (I am too btw! ;P )

  4. your are from Örebro too? that I had completely missed :p it is a small small small world :)

  5. Att du hann allt det där på 24 timmar är imponerande! Jag menar, till och med en korsett. Det är galet bra. Jag är sjukt imponerad.

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