So, I am not the one for showing off my body at the meat market also known as the beach. But I am the one for swimming and I have since I was a kid lived in the water during the summer season. These things does not mix well when the only thing one can find in the stores will show off everything that you do not wish to show of.

We had a guest teacher in school that taught us how to sew bras, so I took the opportunity to use this bra sewing day to make something for the beach. As I am a dress girl I decided to make a “swim dress” a bathing suit with a dress over it, all in lycra. As I have a rack of doom I needed a bra in the top and since I had no idea on how to sew bras this was the golden opportunity to combine it all.

This is how it turned out, I am really happy about it. It shows off all of the good stuff and hides all of the bad, a win win situation.
swim dress
swim dress - details
swim dress 2