I wanted a simple “at home in the sofa” dress, the keywords; soft, casual, simple made me think of t-shirt. But as normal t-shirts does not sit well on the girl with rack of doom and narrow short back I knew that I needed some kind of seams, and darts does no go well with jersey fabric.

The finished product is a empire waist balloon dress, but in the end it did not really turn out as empire waist. The fabric in the skirt part is kind of heavy so it pulls the empire wast down so it hangs down into the natural waist in the back.
Over all it turned out nice it got “princess seams” since that works well with my body, it is casual and nice to wear. The not so very much empire waist bothers me, since the fit is kind of off in the whole dress because of that.
The fabric in this dress is kind of “trendy” it is a organic cotton jersey fabric that is really nice and have a nice feel to it.

organic cotton jersey balloon dress
I look so damn bithcy in this photo, I’m not at all in real life, I am actually really nice, I promise. I am TO nice most of the time.