and then all the sudden my heart starts to ace for my own loom! Really it is silly, I have not missed it THAT much before but now I stumble on a weaving blog and bang! My heart goes loooooooooom.

Depending on what apartment I find for this fall I might actually have room for a loom *giggles, crappy word game; sorry*, secretly in my heart I’m hoping for that one that is small but have 3 rooms and cost just as much as my current place.
Oh I could have a craftroom! How many people have a craftroom in their apartment at the age of 21? Most people live in a 1 roomer without actual floorspace.

I actually got the question of why? When I said I had a two room apartment.

What do you mean with why? I say; why not?
I kind of need all the space I can get, I have lots of stuff that takes lots of space, or well not really. All the stuff I have except for the furniture did fit into my room at my moms place which is 4 * 2,5 meters. Okey it was always a mess, but I could have it clean and have everything in place.

But now, I just want to weave something, I’m actually having plans of making kitchen towels, cotton warp and flax weft. And damask borders, crowns perhaps? in the bottom. I just need to find a loom and then get a damask equipment for it.