pattern drafting

a while ago I drafted my fist custom sized corset pattern for someone that is not me, a pattern that will be used by someone that is not me. Scary shit, I tell you that :p I am always so weary that it will turn out crap, deep within I always second guess myself and do not believe in my abilities. It is silly since I know pattern drafting, I do.

And today she posted pictures of her mock up corset, and it looks wonderful! It really does and the shape is gorgeous! All my bad feelings are wiped out in a second I an have to go back to the picture again and again giggling silly.
But pattern drafting for corsets are different, lots of stuff to take in to count like “squishability” and boobs (they are so unpredictable). So it is a bit big in the top and she can lace it in all the way shut, but that she said she could fix herself.

You should head over to her picture diary and look, I do it once every ten minutes ;)

I really should not promise this, since I do not know when I will have the time to do it but there WILL be a tutorial on how to draft your own underbust corset pattern sometime in the near future.

2 thoughts on “pattern drafting

  1. You did a wonderful job on this corset!I also draft patterns, although I havn’t done any corset’s yet, but I know exactly what you mean about doubting yourself!I think we all do it!You should be very proud of yourself, it feels so good when a project is this successfull doesn’t it?

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