steampunk hearts

Oh man, have I been busy? Sad enough it have been busy with working and not busy with nice craft things.
steampunk heart

But now I have had two free days and thought that I would do something with a idea I have had quite some time. I designed some prints for school back in February, mostly I made repeating prints, but I also made some prints that were not supposed to be repeated. One of them was a steampunk heart, the placement of the parts are base on real pocket watches. If you were to make a real pocket watch which was heart shaped, this is a possible placement of those parts.

steampunk heart - t-shirt
It is great as a print, but I saw the possibilities of making it into a jewelry to.

So last night I decided to try it out, making them as brooches this time. They are made out of paper clay that is painted and and then I have put real cogs and screws into them.
They were tricky to make since the paper clay is quite brittle when it is thin, but after a lot of filing, carving and sand papering I could paint it and assemble the pieces.

steampunk heart - big
steampunk heart - small
I like the smaller one best, since it is more of the size I was after. The size of a ordinary pocket watch movement, but since it is smaller it is harder to make, so I started with making the larger one.

steampunk heart - beside a pocket watch movement
Both of them are for sale for 77$ if you are interested in one please email me on coolacatta(at) since my etsy shop is on vacation mode, all my other jewelry is out on a little trip without me at the moment.


4 thoughts on “steampunk hearts

  1. åh vilket fint hjärta! sådär lagom sött och makabert på en och samma gång! och angående billig mat. vi hade lite otur där. för chili con carne är en av de ytterst få rätter som jag bara inte klarar av! fast det kunde ju inte du veta såklart… det har att göra med att jag spydde när jag var 9 och sedan när jag var på bättringsvägar och borde ha ätit skonkost kom pappa med den fanttastiska idén att vi skulle micra upp lite chili con carne. läget blev inte direkt bättre om man säger så. :P ha det fint, kramar

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