this autumn

So after a long summer of inactivity in the creativity department, it is time to move on to new creative projects and as I love new things I’m starting a new school.
It is really exiting and new, things that I have no knowledge about and what it is?

I am going to study “leather-skin-fur” (läder-skinn-päls) at Stenebyskolan in the forests of Dalsland province in Sweden. I am really exited about it and the school seems to be such a wonderful and creative place. I am sure that I am going to have a wonderful time there and to fill my blog with more projects then you have been given under these summer months.

This includes moving away from the tiny town I have been living in for my year at Textile and fashion design.
Moving into a new apartment and a new town (or well I don’t think you can call the place a town it is really small!). I am super exited about my new apartment, it is two room and kitchen, built in late 1950 and probably never renovated (except from the bathroom which is quite newly done) so the place still breaths the era. I’m in love with the place!

But there is no Internet in the place and is not going to be installed until the middle of September. So I will be inactive for some more time.

One thought on “this autumn

  1. I’ll miss not talking to you…. But I am sure you’ll be busy and excited… Good luck tomorrow!

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