Pencil skirt tutorial

This is a tutorial for a clean looking stylish high waist pencil skirt, you can make this skirt both straight down or a bit flared in the bottom as I show in this tutorial, that might make it more of a mermaid skirt then a ordinary pencil skirt but since I have a fishtail skirt tutorial already I thought that for clarity sake not name them the same thing.

You need to take your measurements now, you need to measure:
Top of skirt – Measure were you want the top of the skirt to be.
Waist – The narrowest of your upper body.
Butt – The widest part of you

Then you also need the measurements for:
Skirt length, from top of skirt to the place you want the hem to be.
From the waist to the top of the skirt.
From waist to the butt.

Making the pattern
As this is a six panel skirt, the measurements for to of skirt, waist and hip will be divided with six, we are also adding two cm to the original measurement, this is so that you can actually move in the skirt, please do not remove these two cm just to make the skirt slimmer, since then you will not get into the skirt. I will use my measurements in this tutorial so that you will get an idea on how it could look, now lets go on to the mathematics for the pattern.

Top of skirt: 85cm + 2cm / 6 = 14,5 cm
Waist: 82cm + 2cm / 6 = 14 cm
Butt: 106cm + 2cm / 6 = 18 cm
Se start with a straight line, the we put in the measurements for 1/6 of the top of the skirt
Mark out top of the skirt to waist, waist to hip and total length of the skirt with straight lines.
Now put the measurements for 1/6 of the waist and 1/6 of the butt at their places.
If you are making the flared hem skirt put the 1/6 of the butt in the bottom of the skirt, if you are making a pencil skirt put the 1/6 of the butt measurement – 1cm in the bottom of the skirt.
Connect all the lines, for the straight down pencil skirt just make a straight line.
For the flared hem skirt first draw a straight line down from the butt to the bottom of skirt. Then 8-10 cm up from the bottom put in a straight line that is the measurement of 1/6 of butt – 1cm just as you did for the waist ect. Dip in from the original line you drew from butt to bottom of skirt, draw a nice form.

Retrace the top part on a new paper.

Make sure that all your lines are nice, now your pattern is done.

You will need:
Fabric – length depending on your size, remember that you have 6 pattern pieces.
A zipper – I use a invisible zipper, I think they look the best, but an ordinary works perfect to.
Thread – That matches the fabric.

Cut out all the pieces, you add the seam allowance you wish, I always use 1,5 cm (inches), you should have six skirt pieces and six “top of skirt” pieces. Finish of the edges either by searging them or using an ordinary zig zag stitch.

Take two skirt pieces put them right sides together and sew a seam, leaving place for the zipper.

Iron the seam open.

Install the zipper.

Attach the rest of the pieces, but do not sew it closed.

Iron the rest of the seams open.

Sew the last seam to close up the skirt and press that seam open to.

Sew the top of the skirt pieces and sew them all together, but leave one seam.

Press the seams open.

Put the top of the skirt part and the skirt right sides together.

Sew the seam.

Fold the top of the skirt piece inside and iron the top part flat.

Fold in the edges and sew the top of the skirt piece to the zipper.

Sew a stitch along the top part to keep the pieces together.

Fold up, iron and hem the bottom of the skirt.

Now your skirt is all finished.

7 thoughts on “Pencil skirt tutorial

  1. I love it. It sounds so easy and I know it will be cause even though I am a novice, I alter my own clothes and did some projects that are more difficult than this. Love you and thank you! This is sewing made simple!

  2. Ohmygawd, this is fabulous!!!!
    I you are beautiful, and I think I love you :D lol
    I wish I knew you in person so you could teach me how to look at good as you.

    Thanks for posting this tutorial. I am going to make this skirt for myself.

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