book binding

We had a short course in bookbinding, learning the basic techniques to be able to make nice portfolios and such.
We did a lot of test things but I made one thing that was fully finished, a scetch book.

The base of it all is thick cardboard
book binding

I found this really nice picture of gentlemen in a magazine, a commercial for a store with the slogan “different men is equally handsome”
book binding - front

The book is folded up and there is a normal sketching pad.
book binding - inside

There is a LOT of papers in it
book binding - lots of papers

There are book binders screws so that you can remove and refill papers.
book binding - book screws

A old gentlemen on the back to, a different version of the commercial “different men is equally handsome”
book binding - back

I love it that it look like a “real” book when it is closed.
book binding - lika a real book

underbust pattern teaser

corset pattern scribblings
It is on the roll, it really is! I have written all the things and taken pictures so all I have to do is fix the pictures up and make the text computer written and in English (I made it in Swedish since I am going to have both languages on it this time).

I also need to make a mockup so that I see that my corset drafting tutorial actually works ;)
But stay tuned, underbust corset pattern drafting tutorial is in the making!

corset pattern
This tutorial will allow you to make your own personalized pattern, made from your own measurements and starting with a totally blank paper making the corset fit you like a glove, a very tight, nice and perfect glove.
It is based on my own pattern pieces layout without a side seam which I believe makes nicer shape and the corset reduces mostly in the sides and in the back, making a really straight front corset with flat belly.
But it is all explained in a way that is allowing you to decide were to put your seams if you don’t want them were I put mine.

another wool dress

I’m addicted to wool dresses, the material is just totally superior to anything else. So my new dress is also in wool, and empire waisted to and with a balloon skirt, so you see a pattern? This is also one of my after school projects.

another woll dress in the making
It is just mostly pinned on the dummy on this picture.

cotton skirt

a after school project I am having at the moment, cotton ruffles on a full circle skirt, it is REALLY heavy.

ruffle skirt

somehow I keep adding after school projects without finishing the old ones, now i have the striped corset, this skirt, and two dresses tagging along as after school projects, silly thing to make new things without ending old ones.

moose apron

moose apron - sketch
The first project in school, to make something that covers your front when working in the workshop. I made a 1950 inspired apron with a half circle skirt and fitted bodice, and a swivel lobster clasps to be able to have some tools on my person without actually carrying them. The material for it is swedish moose.
moose apron - front
moose apron - back
moose apron - close up
moose apron - hook


my colour samples.

leather colour samples
We had a colouring exercise, trying different colour mixes, different strength of colour.