book binding

We had a short course in bookbinding, learning the basic techniques to be able to make nice portfolios and such.
We did a lot of test things but I made one thing that was fully finished, a scetch book.

The base of it all is thick cardboard
book binding

I found this really nice picture of gentlemen in a magazine, a commercial for a store with the slogan “different men is equally handsome”
book binding - front

The book is folded up and there is a normal sketching pad.
book binding - inside

There is a LOT of papers in it
book binding - lots of papers

There are book binders screws so that you can remove and refill papers.
book binding - book screws

A old gentlemen on the back to, a different version of the commercial “different men is equally handsome”
book binding - back

I love it that it look like a “real” book when it is closed.
book binding - lika a real book

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