Working with leather is quite expensive, the materials cost much and you get a lot of small pieces that are hard to make useful. This week I have spent trying to make things out of these scrap pieces.

scraps - earrig3
Small pieces put on silver coloured head pin and then dipped in plastic craft paint.

scraps - bracelet
scraps - bracelet2
Triangular pieces from cutting circular pieces out of a square.

scraps - bracelet4
Punching holes, painting with craft paint and putting on a string.

scraps - bracelet3
Makes a pretty bracelet

scraps - claws3
scraps - claws2
scraps - claws

scraps - hairpin
scraps - hairpin2
scraps - hairpin3
A hairpin using the scraps from a kind of necklaces I make. Dyed and filled with glass pearls.

scraps - earrings2
scraps - earrings
More earrings made ot of small pieces dipped in craft paint.

2 thoughts on “scraps

  1. I like your idea with the Earings made of small pieces dipped in craft paint. The hairpin looks nice too.


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