Xena-warrior princess

The first big themed party at school had the theme series. I went as Xena.
I made all the stuff just for this event, and all the leather things except the corset is made out of vegetable tanned cowhide from Italy.
The arm braces have a tooled pattern on them, so does the shoulder piece and arm rings.

Xena outfit - arm brace before
Before tooling

Xena outfit - arm brace after
Halfway done

Xena outfit - arm brace, finished
All done

Xena outfit - on doll
All the pieces have been cut by hand and there are a LOT of rivets in that skirt.
The corset is one layer coutil and one layer of soft leather from a old jacket I had laying around.

Xena outfit - layed out
All lain out on the table

Xena outfit - shakra
I made the shakra out of paper clay which I put tinfoil on with decoupage technique.

Xena outfit - whip
I also braided a bull whip out of leftovers from my moose apron.

Xena outfit - arm brace
The arm braces are coloured, hand painted and then shaped with water to make them sit nicely around the arms.

Xena outfit - arm brace closing
Small buckles keep them on.

Xena outfit - bracelet
Arm rings.

Xena outfit - shoulder piece
Shoulder piece.

Xena outfit - shoulder piece and more
It have also been coloured, hand painted and moulded to fit the body while wet.

Xena outfit - wire bra
A iron bra made out of wire. This one I ended up not using since it fitted so badly when I got the corset on.

Sadly I do not have any pictures of it on me.


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