gray corset

gray dupion corset
I made this corset for a friend.

Construction info:
Two layers of coutil
One layer of dupion silk
Closed front
16 steel bones
Two piece grommets

cray dupion corset - lacing
I found this really nice taffeta ribbon for the lacing in the back, I did not know there were such a thing as taffeta ribbons and I thought that I had ordered ordinary satin ribbon (it is silly since I had a sample to look at and did not think about it not being satin at all). So one could say that I was happily surprised when this beautiful ribbon landed at my work desk.

gray dupion corset - flossing
I am also flossing the corset with embroidering floss that match the taffeta ribbon, I’m kind of in love with this colour combination, somehow it feels very Marie Antoinette. Don’t look at the horrible stitching on the binding, the dupion silk was a real pain in the ass.


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