paper models

paper model
We had a guest teacher so we built paper models from drawings we made earlier this semester. I made the stairs outside of our workshop.

paper model - girl
I also added some people to it, it was so strict and boring before, sterile and static. That is why I made them out of another material and not in the same way as I made the stairs, my teacher did not really like that but I don’t give a damn. I love that they are different from the stairs, after all humans are not made out of the same materials as stairs so why should my people be that?

paper model - straight on
I wanted to work “inside the box” and that is why I have chopped of everything that goes outside of the box.

paper model - girl close up
I like the feeling of movement in the girl walking the stairs.

paper model -  from above
My classmates thinks they have a Tim Burton feeling to them, something that was not intended but that is nice, since I do like Tim Burton.


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