striped corset finished

This is a corset I have wanting to make FOREVER, what girl does not need a striped corset in her closet? And I have had it going for ages, waiting for the new grommet press in school. But it never came and I needed the corset for a event so I put the grommets in by hand in stead, as I have done for all the other of my corsets. ;)
Striped corset

Construction info:
Two layers of coutil
One layer of cotton with printed stripes
Black faux external boning channels (the boning is in between the layers of coutil)
Extra wide busk
7,5mm steel bones
Two piece grommets

striped corset - modesty panel
I also made my first modesty panel, the design of it is taken from how electradesign makes her and it works really well, looks nice and makes it easy to lace yourself in without the modesty panel wrinkling.

striped corset - lacing

striped corset - on
A not so very good picture of me in the corset, the corset is not really that visible in this picture.


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