manipulation fabric

manipulation fabric
We had a guest teacher week some weeks ago, she thought us some fabric manipulation techniques. My favourite was learning how to smock fabrics, since that is a technique I have been curious about before.

manipulation fabric - honeycomb smock
manipulation fabric - honeycomb smock detail
manipulation fabric - smocking fabric
manipulation fabric - backside
manipulation fabric - on doll
manipulation fabric - pleats
manipulation fabric - pleats
manipulation fabric - folds
manipulation fabric - folds closeup


6 thoughts on “manipulation fabric

  1. This looks like loads of fun. I’ve always meant to learn smocking, and you’ve provided the inspiration to get started. Love the leather smocking, especially.

  2. Hi,

    It looks great. Am way too curious about how to do it, any chance you have a tutorial about how to make those wonderful things seen in above pictures? Am looking forward to doing it. that should be loads of fun.

    you can reply me on above mentioned email address, would be waiting.

    And if I manage to do it, will send you the photos of the same as well.

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