The Xena skirt

Here comes an in depth post about my Xena skirt.
xena skirt

xena skirt - long stips of leather
xena skirt - tabs
xena skirt - under tabs
The skirt is made up with both long pieces that are rounded in the bottom, and small pieces that also have a rounded bottom, the small pieces are riveted together by hand and overlap the long stips.
They are all hand cut from a vegetable tanned cowhide and then coloured with leather colour.

xena skirt - flexible
The fact that they are riveted makes them able to move a bit, not really sure that it is a good thing ;)

xena skirt - riveted
The pieces are riveted to a underskirt in the top, the do not go up entirely to the top since I am wearing a corset over it so I don’t want unnecessary bulk added on my hips.

Xena skirt - loop
Xena skirt - hook
In the front I have a loop to put my whip in, and a hook to put mychakram on, I have a leather sting to secure it to the hook, since I am not using it and I don’t want it to fall of while wearing the costume. The holders are also both riveted to the skirt, the loop for the whip have a snap closure, so it is easy to just secure the whip, and also easy to just pull it of.

Xena skirt - inside
Xena skirt - darts
The underskirt is made out of a scrap hide, I got if for no money at all and it was an ugly grey green colour. It have been cut in two and have been coloured and then I sewed darts in the waist, just like I would do on a regular skirt front and back.

Xena skirt - waistband
It also have a waistband made out of Petersham ribbon. Since it is leather the waist would naturally have stretched, a non stretchy waistband prevents this. It is also the waistband that holds the back and front piece together.

Xena skirt - closure
Xena skirt - closure 2
It closes at one side with press buttons, the leather overlaps a bit.

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