Doubting oneself.

I know it is silly, but I do it all the time, I know it is silly but I do.

I doubt my skills, I doubt my vision and I doubt that I will ever make it as a seamstress or even if that is really what I want.
I know it is silly since I everyday confirm to myself that I have the skills, the will and the need for perfection that I feel every seamstress should have. The doubts probably lie in that fact that I have no idea what to do in a year, that there is no school that I can afford that have a proper tailoring education and what will I do then? Work at a supermarket?

I think that it is what I need, what I want. Perhaps two or three years of proper training in the tailoring area, to be sure of myself, since then I know that I have the training needed.
For one and a half year ago I had no real training in sewing, I just made! And when I started studying sewing for real it seemed that the way I have always done things were the proper way. One year of basic sewing and weaving training and I feel that I have only open the first chapter, but in one way it seems like this book might not have as many chapters as I have imagined.

The real world frightens me, it really does.


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