So I updated my blogroll, go check all the awesome people I “stalk” on the internet out.


3 thoughts on “blogroll

  1. Hi Cathrin,
    I just came across your blog and I think you are amazing both as a person and as a seamstress, you shouldn’t doubt you are a little shiny star! I’m subscribed to your updates and I look forward to see your next posts.

  2. Doubting yourself, lol everyone does, but seeing your work is amazing. Followed your instructions for making a corset, and it came out far superior AND was easier to to then with following (that aspect of) a professional corset pattern.

    Not sure where to take your next chapter? Why not work under an experienced seamstress? Wish I had more knowledge about it for you, but I was thinking wedding dresses (not sure if you have proms there?).

    Anyway, keep blogging… because you’re great at that too! :-)

    47 yo fan.

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