Vakenlandet – awake country

In the beginning of December, we got this assignment in school, we where supposed to interpret a poem into a 3 dimensional object only using paper (glue and other things to keep it together was okey to).
My poem was Vakenlandet by Kerstin Norborg

När Pia flyttar in på Saturnusgränd går jag en hel dag framför hennes hus. Fram och tillbaka på trottoaren går jag och tillslut öppnar hon dörren och frågar om jag vill komma in.
Pia är ett år äldre an jag. Hennes hus är nybyggt, vitt, och i källaren finns en gillestuga med en stor orange pappersfisk som hänger i ett snöre från taket. På rasterna leker vi vildhäst. Pia är vildhästen och jag ska fånga henne. Hon springer i stora cirklar over skolgården, kastar huvudet bakåt och gnäggar.

translated it goes something like this:

I pace a whole day in front of her house when Pia moved in on Saturn alley. To and fro I pace on the pavement and at last she opens the door and asks if I want to come in.
Pia is one year older then me. Her house is newly built, white and in the basement there is a recreation room with a big orange paper fish that hangs from the seeing. At the brakes in school we play wild horses. Pia is the wild horse and my task is to catch her. She runs in wide circles over the school yard, throws her head back and whinnies.

Vakenlandet - colour test for fish
Vakenlandet - colour test, pavement
It was hard to start with this since I found the text to be more of a ordinary text then a poem, so I started out just doing some colour testing on the material.

Vakenlandet - mess
There was a whole lot of water colouring on paper going on.

Vakenlandet - fish
Then I decided that I would actually make something in stead of just stalling. It became the orange paperfish in the poem, but it was not really enough for me. It had no depth at all it was just “the fish” so it felt kind of flat, even if I really liked how it turned out.

Vakenlandet - pony
So I decided to focus on the wild pony in stead, and try to bring in the feeling of ugly duckling that I kind of get from the poem. That a child is a bit afraid to ask if she can join in, she needs someone to ask her to join for it to be aright to join.

Vakenlandet - pony
Vakenlandet - pony2
Vakenlandet - close up eye
Vakenlandet - nostril
It all became this rather lopsided paper pony, I wanted it to look as a child drawing.

Vakenlandet - finished3
Vakenlandet - finished2
Vakenlandet - finished1
It is made out of a paper towel like material called dunilin, they use it in the smithy to wipe of the machines (and themselves to) it was white from the beginning but I have painted it with watercolour.

Red cardinal

Being at my sisters home in North Carolina over Christmas makes my crafting nerves itch. I needed something to do with my hands! Luckily they have a Michael’s in the town she lives in so we took a trip and came home with an assortment of nice things.
Red cardinal - hair comb
Red cardinal - front view
Half an hour later and I had made this little hair comb, all materials I used is from Michaels. I am in love with the little bird and a got a bunch more of them, I really like the flowers to, they are made out of paper and found in the scrapbook section.
Red cardinal - in hair