The striped 16th century German dress

This year is the first year in my life to go to Medeltidsveckan (medieval week) on Gotland and since I have NO medieval clothing what so ever this spring have been very much about making a few outfits for me to wear. My favourite fashion turned out to be the 16th century German fashion. It just fits me so well and I just love it and I am well in the way of making my first dress.
But I just had to convince Bella (the girl in the pictures of my last post) who is also going to medeltidsveckan for her first time that she totally needed to be a 16th century German woman to. That was SO easy especially as I offered to actually sew her outfit for her and that it could be black, striped and not that colourful. She does not wear colour that much and sticks to the black outfits with mixed in grey tones.

The outfit is very much inspired by this painting by Bonifacio Veronese from around 1540

So what I made for her is a three part outfit; skirt, blouse and a bodice. All machine sewn, historical accuracy was not the important thing but a pretty dress that when worn looked correct.

striped 16th century German - blouse
The blouse is a really simple one, made up after a pattern you can find here (is is in Swedish)
It is made in a nice white linen fabric from Medeltidsmode, they have the best collection of wool and linen fabrics I have found in Sweden so far, and the woman who runs it is so nice and really cares about her customers.
The neck and sleeves gathers with a cord, so super simple but still nice.

striped 16th century German - skirt
The skirt is made out of wool, also from, it is just strips that have been sewn together to form the skirt and then pleated onto a waistband, the skirt is lined with the same linen fabric as in the blouse. I know that it should feature a under skirt in stead of a lining, but Bella wanted a low maintenance outfit, so I decided on less thing to put on is a good thing, so therefore a lined skirt. The waistband is really thick due to the many layers of wool.

striped 16th century German - skirt, hidden pocket
Another thing that is not accurate with this skirt is that it features a hidden pocket in the opening of the skirt, Bella wanted a safe pocket to put her phone and money in.

striped 16th century German - modeled
I bribed my little sister to model Bellas skirt and blouse for me “if you do this you can borrow my red nail polish”.

striped 16th century German - bodice
The bodice was to small for my little sister so you just get to see it flat on my bed in stead.It is made out of wool and lined in linen.

striped 16th century German - hidden lacing
It has a hidden lacing in the front, spiral lacing of course and reinforced with two strips of flat steel boning. Ignore the wonky seam on the side of the boning, I stitched in the ditch in the front and that is how it ended up.

striped 16th century German - lacing detail
To not make it gap when worn, is is fastened with small stitches here and there in between the lacing.

striped 16th century German - sleeves detail
Detail of the sleeves.

striped 16th century German - sleeves
It have been slashed at the elbow.

striped 16th century German - over blouse
And this is how it might look when worn, the front looks uneven but is is not, I was lazy and only tied the bodice together with a string in two of the holes and because it is spiral lacing it goes uneven when just tied in two holes. Better pictures will probably be taken in week 32 at Gotland so you will see the finished outfit on Bella after that.


6 thoughts on “The striped 16th century German dress

  1. Hejsan! va kul att du ska på medeltidsveckan :) och ännu bättre att ni kommer som kampfraus. Ni för gärna komma förbi oss knektar på Forum Vulgaris om ni vill…eller varför inte komma på knektfesten på tisdagen på kapitel.

    Klänningen ser ut att bli jättefin!

    //Ida Torp medlem i Proknekts styrelse

  2. Exakt! Jag har drömt om den hatten i snart ett år nu! Den får inte vara för stor utan som du säger, man balanserar den lite snett och fint på huvudet! Har du några sjyssta plymer då? :D

  3. Om ni vill komma och äta, så släng iväg ett mail till mig, så kan jag hjälpa med anmälning, om inte så kan ni ju komma på eftersläppet om ni vill.

  4. Hi!

    Thanks for the picture of the hiden lacing … that was exactly what I was looking for this mornig…
    I often read your blog, your dresses are lovely!!!!
    Greetings from Kassel, Germany

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