Every one needs silly things to wear on your head, so to my kampfrau outfit I wanted a wulsthaube. It was super simple to do, I used these instructions but the triangular part I cut on the bias and sewed on a band that was on straight grain. That way it would drape over my bump nicely whilst still having it fit snugly around my head. If I would not have then band the area around my face would stretch over time and it would be to big. I also wanted it to be a complete thing, and not in parts. I want to be able to put it on without lots of needles or an under cap.

My roll was also cut on the bias, to make the curving nicer, and then it is stuffed with wool.

wulsthaube - back
I draped it in pleats it in the back like in this painting by Hans Baldung Grien from 1505 It will also have the square detail in the back as in the pictures, to cover up the edges of the pleated fabric.
Now it just needs some hand sewing to keep the folds and everything else in place, Ill put up some pictures of the finished thing soon.