How I wear my steuchlein

I thought that I would show you how I prefer to wear my steuchlein.

wearing my steuchlein - 1
I start with putting my wulsthaube on.

wearing my steuchlein - 2
Then I throw on the steuchlein

wearing my steuchlein - 3
Oops a bit of.

wearing my steuchlein - 4
It is nice to have that star so that I know it is on straight.

wearing my steuchlein - 5
Then I tie it in the back.

wearing my steuchlein - 6
Like this.

wearing my steuchlein - 7
I throw the tail to the front to make it easy to tie it.

wearing my steuchlein - 8

wearing my steuchlein - 9
If one wanted you could always use needles here in stead, to minimize bulk.

wearing my steuchlein - 10
Then I adjust the steuchlein over the wulsthaube

wearing my steuchlein - 11
Tighten it in the back

wearing my steuchlein - 12
Hold it in place with my left hand

wearing my steuchlein - 14
The other hand twist the tail part into a tight twist.

wearing my steuchlein - 14
When you have twisted for a while, you can let go of the left hand and use it to twist, it goes faster with two hands.

wearing my steuchlein - 15
Then I put the twisted tail over my head, holding the back in place

wearing my steuchlein - 16
Like this

wearing my steuchlein - 17
The twist goes around the head.
And is tucked under itself.

wearing my steuchlein - 18
Tada! like this. At this point I usually throw my hat with ostrich feathers on.
And this is how I wear my steuchlein and here is also a sneak peak of my new 16th century German blouse

10 thoughts on “How I wear my steuchlein

  1. Yes I did, and have been meaning to make a tutorial on how to make one this coming week, so stay tuned :)

  2. Hi
    Did you ever made a tutorial for your wulsthaube? Because I just cant seem to find it :(

  3. Sorry no. The time ran away from me so I never had the time to make one. But I’ll try to make one in the near future, I need to make myself a new wulsthaube anyway. :)

  4. Hello Cathrin,
    this is how I wear my Steuchlein too. I learned it from a friend, but she did not know if this pattern is authentic. It seems to be very similar to the pictures of early 16th century. Much more better than other trials I have seen. Do you have more informations about this (findings or reconstrucions or something like this)?

  5. Patricia: Sorry no, I based it on the looks of the steuchleins from paintings, but is is a guess. I know of no extant ones.

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