Medieval week 2012

So now I’, off to Visby for medieval week. Perhaps Ill see you the.

I will be sporting last years green wool moy boy dress, but with some new details.

medeltidsveckan 2012 - moy bog dress

This year I have a proper veil as well.

medeltidsveckan 2012 - frilled veil

And of course, my frau!

medeltidsveckan 2012 - old dress with new sleeves

This dress have a lot of new thing. The bodice is completley new, with a lot better fit this time and new over the top sleeves. New hemd, steuchlein, bag, shoes, and a leather costrel. I will show you my new stuff more up close when I get home again.

medeltidsveckan 2012 - fit for fight!


3 thoughts on “Medieval week 2012

  1. I think I saw you too at one point or another, but did’t realize who you were until a while later. You know that “so, is that someone from my lågstadieklass, the person working in the food store, or a celebrity? Why on earth do I recognize this person without knowing them” feeling.” Anyways, I just wanted to say that, I really liked the turquoise kampfrau outfit! (one of the many inspirations to ge a kampfrau together for next year), and I wanted to thank you for the underbust pattern construction instructions, one of the few I’ve actually understood.

  2. Lovely costumes! I really like the simplicity of the green one and it fits so very well. How I wish I had the same results! Making to measure is not my strong point, I’m afraid. Everything is either too big or too little. Yours is perfect! Thank you for sharing.

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