frilled veil

When I saw Elina at Neulakko post about her new frilled veil, and that my veil sparked the idea for it I realized that I have not yet shown mine in close up.

frilled veil - hemmed
It is made out of long strips of linen that are 8cm wide that when hemmed turned out 6cm. I think I had 4 widths of fabric for it, that would make it 6 meters long. The strips are then sewed together with a very small felled seam, as small as I could manage.
Then it was some hemming to do. The linen is thinnest bleached linen, that sadly is not on the webshop at the moment. I hope she gets more of it, it is fantastic so I bought extra much of it last time to have for my summer sewing.

frilled veil - gathered
Then the strips was folded in half and gathered with two rows of running stitches. I was not really that precise with my stitches. I made sure that the stitches was parallel to each other, but I did not mark out how long they should be. But I tried to make them 1 cm long. A 1cm stitched gathered tightly gives you a frill that is 0,5 cm thick. I did as my English smocking, and picked just a few threads before the new stitch.

Then I secured the treads and enclosed the bottom with a straight on the grain piece of linen, like binding any edge; so that the frills will keep in place.
I wanted to make this frill like a separate piece, so that you can just baste it on whatever shape of veil you feel like for the day.

frilled veil - frilly frills
Then I spreaded the frills, the fact that the frills are so short (just 3cm in total, and of that 3 cm only 1,5cm is the frill), and gathered so tightly makes these frills holds up without starching. Even in rainy weather!

frilled veil - finished
The frill is kind of heavy and falls nicely and holds a nice shape.

frilled veil
frilled veil - side
And here it is on a veil and on me, I like it best with a wimple, and I need just four needles to keep it in place all day, one in the wimple and three in the veil.
I also wear Birgitta cap under, to pin the veil and wimple on.