Leather case

For medieval week I wanted to make a leater case to keep my mobile phone in. It always feels nice that when you open your pilgrim bag you can be sure that nothing modern is seen.

leather case - 1
leather case - 2
When reading Purses in Pieces by Olaf Goubitz I found a big leather case that was made for wax tablets. It says in the book that it was probably used by a hunter and it is slightly bigger then the standard wax tablet case. But what caught my interest was the leather tooling, it features dogs hunting hares with floral vines. I love hares, so naturally I had to use them on my leather case. Leather cases were very often adorned with different kinds of leather tooling, all from simple lines to complex pictures.

leather case - 13
leather case - 14
I sewed the leather case when wet around a wooden form, this makes the case nice in shape and the leather tooling is easy. I first drew the pattern before I sewed it and when it was dry, then I cut the pattern with a knife to make it easier to do the tooling. I made my tooling with a leather stamp and I love how clear the tooling is.
I also made all the holes for the sewing before I let the leather soak in water. Then It was easy to sew it together, making sure to sew it so that I would not cut the thread of when cutting it open.

leather case - 3
leather case - 4
My leather case tooling is inspired by the leather case with the hounds and hares but I only used hares and made my case a lot smaller, the size is about the size that most wax tablets was made in.

leather case - 5
leather case - 12
The hares themselves are inspired by my all time favourite designer, Klaus Haapaniemi, I have a scarf designed by him that I love and wear all the time so I picked the shape of my hares from this scarf.

leather case - 6
leather case - 7
I had my phone and also kept some drawing paper and pens in it, as I said, it is nice to keep all none period objects out of sight.

leather case - 8
leather case - 9
leather case - 10
leather case - 11

10 thoughts on “Leather case

  1. This case is way too cool. My husband and myself have just been carrying our phones around in our pouches or baskets. This is soooo great! With a pouch all it’s own no more fumbleing trying to find the stupid phone . Yet another project for my to do list! LOL

  2. Love this! What a great idea… may I ask what thread you used and did you wax the thread as you sewed. As with everything you do, it is so beautiful.

  3. @Maria: Thank you, yes I take orders after Christmas :)

    @Susan: Thank you, I used a pre waxed linen thread for this project as I usually do. This thread is a new brand for me and is heavily pre waxed but when using other thread that is pre waxed (but not as heavily as this) I tend to wax the thread again when I see that the thread starts to go fuzzy.

  4. Did you make a leather liner inside before sewing the fancy tooled leather part? I see a smooth leather bit that the case cover slides over.

  5. Wow I am really interested in a case, how much roughly would it cost? and do you post to Australia? Cheers

  6. A lovely bit of work! I also love the hares, my just submitted device has them in seny courant bendwise. I found your piece whilst looking for a phone case I had seen elsewhere that was made as a book itself; I do like this idea, however.

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