Different shapes of veils

I made this picture for a Swedish medieval sewing group on facebook that I am in and thought that I can just as well share it with you to.

The question was “how does different shaped veils look from behind”

And of course the shape differs depending on shape, size and draping of the veil, but here are some simple styles pinned to a St. Birgittas cap with measurements for the veils. My favourite is the half circle.

Veil shapes


9 thoughts on “Different shapes of veils

  1. Thank you fo posting the pictures. The difference in shape is closly related to the wealth of the person. The right hand veil has no waste of material. The ‘waste’ grows with the left hand veil and is largest with the centre veil. Not all will be able to afford such a luxery. That than makes the shape of veil which you wear, a sign of your wealth.


    Johan Terlouw

  2. This is exactly what I was looking for! I have some beautiful veil fabric that I’ve been afraid to cut because I didn’t know what I want or how it would drape when finished. Thank you

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