Made by you.

This blog contains the things I make, projects and tutorials.
I know that there are so many of you that make things with the help of my tutorials, and I know that you are all awesome!

So I would like to inspire others with the help of you. I would like to show what my tutorials inspire you to make. I have added a page called “made by you” where you already can see some things people have made.

If YOU would like to participate, please email me pictures, your name and where you live (of course it is optional, it can be your screen name and your country if you don’t want to be to specific) to cathrinahlen(at)
Of course I would add a link back to you if you have a place on the internet and of course write out photo credits.

Cathrin wants you to share

Don’t be shy! Excuse my angry look, the picture was taken for a joke picture “Cathrin sees you, press your seams!” for a Swedish medieval sewing group on facebook. But It kind of fits here to ;)


5 thoughts on “Made by you.

  1. Do they have to be exactly what you made? I made some headgear that was inspired by you but I also used a couple of cheats from other places. :)

  2. Pancua: That is what I am looking for, original pieces by you inspired by my tutorials. To show a wide variety of things, so it really does not have to be exactly like my things :)

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