Herjofsnes challenge No. 39

Herjofsnes challenge No. 39 - 2

Earlier this year, Elina at Neulakko started the Herjolfsnes challenge on Facebook after a bunch of us realised that we all bought the same fabric with the intention that it would become a garment based on the extant garments from Herjolfsnes, Greenland. With the books “Woven into the earth” and/or “Medieval Garments Reconstructed” as a base and help.

Herjofsnes challenge No. 39 - 3
Herjofsnes challenge No. 39 - 4

I decided to make a no. 39 based on the fact that there was no strange seams, no singling or tablet weaving involved. I wanted to take the “easy way out” as I always seem to make things harder and more complicated. I need to exercise simplicity.
Also I really wanted to make a short sleeved overdress and the double pointed gore in front and back is so pretty.

Herjofsnes challenge No. 39 - 8

The fabric is a white/gray wool twill fabric from Medeltidssmode.se it is a bit fluffy but not to thick. It was very nice to work with and for this dress I decided to not use any measuring while sewing. Trying to get over my tailor training of exact measurement but trust my eyes.

Herjofsnes challenge No. 39 - 1

Herjofsnes challenge No. 39 - 13

The dress is sewn with wool tread using only running stitches as the original. All the seams are sewn to the dress with overcast stitches.

Herjofsnes challenge No. 39 - 10

Both in the neckline, hem and sleeves 1cm is folded in and cast down. The extant gown have no filler threads mentioned at all so I decided not to use any either.

Herjofsnes challenge No. 39 - 11

There is two rows of stab stitching at the neckline and sleeves and in the bottom hem there is one row of stab stitches. I also stab stitched the top part of the front and back gore as the original. It is a good way of defining and making a durable edge. Locking the seam allowances down and helps from stretching.

Herjofsnes challenge No. 39 - 12

Herjofsnes challenge No. 39 - 14

Herjofsnes challenge No. 39 - 15

Herjofsnes challenge No. 39 - 9

Herjofsnes challenge No. 39 - 6

The neckline have two pairs of eyelets, the text does not mention anything about what the were sewn with but as all the other seams are sewn with wool, I used that for the eyelets as well.

Herjofsnes challenge No. 39 - 5

Herjofsnes challenge No. 39 - 7


15 thoughts on “Herjofsnes challenge No. 39

  1. Lovely! Excellent job :D
    Thank you very much for doing this, I am really enjoying the experience.

  2. I have been sewing by hand for 10 years but my stiches never got quite so regular and even as yours – respect! also love your devotion to the whole thing- I regulary enjoy your posts thank you so much for sharing!

  3. How accomplished you are, Cathrin! A beautifully contructed and executed garment in every way. It really shows how tailored clothes were of that period and is a wonderful historic recontruction. Thank you so much for sharing the project and result with us. This was my first Katafalk blog/newsletter and if this is the quality of you work and posts, it will be a wonderful resource for me and many others around the world. Thank you very much indeed for sharing your art and energy. The time-consuming nature of your handwork will preempt showing new projects as quickly as when you first started blogging, but I really look forward to seeing and learning more as you add to your page. Your work will become a vital resource in a growing arsenal of historic records and reconstructions I am collecting. I will never be able to emmulate your work, but it is a wonderful inspiration. I must also compliment the photographer, who has managed to capture so much detail as well as create a calm and placid mood. Well done to you both. As we would also have said in medieval Wales: Ddiolch yn fawr iawn am rhannu eich gwaith ardderchog.(Thank you very much for sharing your excellent work)

  4. That is a truly beautiful creation! I have been following you for about 2 years now. You are inspiring!

  5. I so enjoy your work. It is a pleasure to the eye and mind. You ability to explain, document, and illustrate with photographs allows hope to live that we who are not so trained may replicate your fine works.

    Thank you.

  6. This dress is so calm & lovely. I really need to make one! Inspiring work. Thank you so very much!

  7. Mi incanta questo tuo abito, vorrei farne uno per me, è delizioso e tu bravissima. Ti seguo con molto piacere.

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