Yellow regency gown

I love to guest play in historical periods where I don’t really belong. I love the challenge of blending in without knowing so much about the period.

Yellow regency gown - 7

Last autumn I was invited to a “Waterloo victory feast”, as regency is not at all my period I of course needed to make a whole new kit. I stole my 18th century shift to be a bit lazy, and machine sewed a pair of regency stays and also took my 18th century underskirt; but the dress is all new and all hand sewn.

Yellow regency gown - 2

As it was autumn I wanted to make a dress in wool, most extant dresses are in silk or cotton but there is a original Danish dress in wool. I also happened to have some yellow thin twill at home that was actually going to become a 14th century dress that felt like a good choice.

Yellow regency gown - 1

I draped the pattern on my self based on extant dresses and decided that the “drop front” dress was interesting and a good thing to start out with.

Yellow regency gown - 3
Yellow regency gown - 4

The bodice is lined in a thin linen fabric but not the sleeves. I tried to aim at a shape of a 1810-1815 dress.

Yellow regency gown - 6

I have always loved the regency style but have been put of by it being a bit off for my shape, my body shape is “better” for the 16th-18th century, but I might have to admit that I have been bitten by the regency bug. Fabric for a new dress is ordered and also a spencer is planned. A red wool spencer have been on my wish list for at least 10 years now, it is kind of stupid that I have not made one yet.

Yellow regency gown - 5

7 thoughts on “Yellow regency gown

  1. I love the way that you add details to your kit. So many people ignore things such as hair. And yours looks just great! I have always loved the “Regency period”; but I, like yourself don’t have the figure that best works for this period. lol! I am eager to see that red Spencer! This dress looks just great on you!

  2. I LOVE that colour! I am also a huge fan of your other yellow dress so I may be biased. It’s not a color I would imagine for a regency dress but it does look really nice on you! Also I’m happy to see a fuller figure in regency because it looks awesome and will give me confidence to sew something regency-style for myself :)

  3. I’m a bit late on that post but what you said about “not having the right bodytype” for that period made me react : I think at this time, there where persons like you as much as any other bodytype. The representation we have of the period is based on fashion plates wich need to be taken cautiously. Not everyone what thin with little breasts, and your should allow yourself too make any dress form any period you like :D

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