Katafalk on Patreon


So a new year is here! 2018!
And I have big plans for this year regarding Katafalk.
Late 2017 I took the step making Katafalk into a “real company”.
So I am going to open up my Etsy again and make it more active. I have also decided to start up a Pateron page. This will not affect my blog at all in a negative way, but I hope that it will make me post more regularly on Worpress.
All my content on my blog is free, and will always be free. I will not be making Patreon only tutorials, but there will be some perks for those of you who joins me over there as well.

Many of you might not be familiar with Patreon.
It is a subscription service that helps Creators to create more or better content by the help of its followers.
It is crowdfunding like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but in stead of one big project it is focused on the continuous creative process.
Either by a monthly fee or a fee per smaller project. These fees differs from creator to creator and there are often a few different levels that you can choose from, each level having it’s own reward of some kind.



So if you like what I do, pop over at my Patreon and check it out. Perhaps you want to join or it might not be you thing at all. Just know that the blog will not be affected in a negative way at all by this, it will if anything be more active and regular than ever with the help of this.

Check out Katafalk on Patreon!

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