Cathrin Åhlén 2017


I’m glad that you found your way over here, I really am. The best thing in life for me is sharing what I do with other people, to inspire and to help other people with their own creativity.

But who am I?



I’m a 29 years old and live at the moment in the small town of Vimmerby in Sweden.
I am a classically trained tailor focused at women/dresses and I have a journeyman’s certificate in dressmaking.
I also studied two years at the leather and fur department at Stenebyskolan and I currently work as a tailor.

I love history and historical fashion and I enjoy “guest starring” in most historical periods, but my main focus is the late 14th and late 16th century northern Europe.
I am a member of Fraternis Militia Carnis, a Swedish group focused on the late 14th century.

You are free to use the patterns and tutorials on my blog freely for your own personal and non-commercial purposes. I am very happy if you give a link back to me if you have used my tutorials.

You can find me on both Facebook and Instagram for more daily updates.

27 thoughts on “About

  1. Hejsan Cathrin!

    Jag blir så inspirerad av att titta på dina kreation och vill på momangen beställa hem saker och sy mig massa fina kläder.

    Tack för det!

  2. Hey Cathrin, I really like your work, and admire the fact that you are voluptous and fit into the corsets well. What you do with leather is amazing, and I have recently been interested in making a leather circle skirt for my church-blessing ceremony with my fiance, but as well, I would like an over-wire plunge corset to go with it, made in quasi-lace, and with bra clasps at the back. Problem is I dont want a full corset (only up to my waist) and my bra cupsize is 34F UK size and my waist is only 24inches..perhaps you can guide me through it in an email or a tutorial of a plunge half corset if thats not 2 much trouble.Thanx, Bonolo-Valerie.
    Just to give u an idea, here are some samples,esp the two ladies drinking tea :)

  3. I have “stumbled” on your blog and think your work is amazing and inspirational. Im 35 and returned to sewing and designing after a long time away. I am not in the position to do it full time but love seeing what other people create.
    Thankyou for a fab insight into you very creative mind x

  4. The art of making traditional corsetry!

    A corset is an undergarment that compresses the torso and shapes it according to the body style fashion of the day. Generally it cinched or constricted the waist, supported the breasts and stiffened the back. The corsets have been “in” again since the 1990`s; most new styles are a derivation of the Victorian style corset. They have become a symbol of femininity and grace, some still like to use the corset for figure reduction to achieve a slimmer waist, or as a permanent method of body modification. Corset makers and corset companies are springing up everywhere and there’s renewed interest in an art form that was, until recently, almost lost for ever: the art of corset making.

    In this group we like to discuss all matters concerning the patterns & corset designing/-making. Corset making isn’t as difficult as it seems. The problem is that although there’s basic information on Internet about how to make a corset, there’s a sorry lack of information on how to do it well. So if you’re serious about ending the frustration and making something you can wear with pride, then this is your home!

    You need to start with a good pattern, but you need a specialised corset pattern, preferably from a company that specialise in such things, a professional corset designer/-maker. You will not be able to finish a corset you can be proud of in an evening, or by the time you leave for the party on Saturday. Making basic corsets takes 20-30 hours or more to complete!

    Finally and perhaps most importantly never give up, every next corset will be better! Stay inspired and learn from your own faults, surround yourself with great examples of corset making. Get to know how professional corset designers/-maker’s work. Look at them critically and try to see what works and what doesn’t, work out what makes a professional corset.

    “Traditional corsets are making the difference”,

    Copyright © 2011, Frau Nadine Schüller & Team.

  5. I just wanted to say that I love your work, and I’d love to see a dress pattern/tutorial in the future. :)

  6. Love, love, love your blog! I am especially interested in your Moy Bog dress, it is beautiful! I am attempting to make one myself and any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

  7. Hej! Jätteintressant blogg om kampfrau-dräkten! Syr själv dräkter med inspiration från den eran och det vore skoj att byta ideer! /Linda

  8. Did you make the long fishtail skirt? It is great! I don’t underhand how to do the measurements…can you simplify?

  9. I took a weaving class when I was at university and we did some card weaving. I remember it being very complicated almost to the point of mind boggling. I’m impressed with your expertise!

  10. Looking for something different to try to make, and I found it. Smocking doesn’t seem as hard as I thought it would be. Thank you for the tutorial on the lattice smocking. I will try regular smocking later it looks easy to. Love the leather belt thing you made.

  11. Hay Katafalk,
    You are so talanted! I just love ypur smocked leather corset! Who would of thought of smocking leather. Was it difficult? I have coppied your pouch pattern. My husband wanted a special pouch that he could wear fighting & your design was the ticket.
    Thank You for your how-to’s.
    Lady Cate

  12. I am really glad I found your site, I remember my aunts smocking when I was a kid, but they are gone now. This is really helping me reconnect with their memory. Thanks very much.
    Linda Nelson

  13. Kanon sida – inte för att jag kan sy, utan för att jag får en ökad förståelse för hur kläderna såg ut i de perioder jag skriver om. Tack!

  14. Hello, I’ve been visiting your site for about a year now and have to say that your skills and craftsmanship are extraordinary. I am not into sewing clothes myself (except for the odd repairs on my jeans) but as a Historian I find it very helpul to be able to look at the kind of methods for making clothes that people all over the world used before the advent of industrialization.


  15. Help! All the tutorial photos on the first page are gone! There is a gif saying enable 3rd party hosting!

  16. I found your blog a few years ago, and I’m coming back so often – thank you so much for the tutorials, they are amazing and helpful beyond belief. Your skill is just wowsers 🤩

  17. all your projects are so beautiful, and you are very generous by sharing them with us , thanks

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