Hello, long time no see, and what other thing can I say then it is living that have pulled me away from the computer screen. The good company of lovely people that have been my everyday life now. It is true, there is so many wonderful people where I live so that I barley have no time to myself and the computer as I used to have. But I enjoy it!

Creating things, school (which is the same as creating things), friends, movies in good company, hanging out at my place and then also; the guy I met. I could not be more happy with my life than I am now, everything is just perfect and I spend my days being happy doing what I want.

Right now:
I am making a dress inspired by Gaudi and Mucha with leather, silk and bones.
I am hand sewing a green cotehardie for medeivial week at Visby this summer and I am planning for two outfits more at the same time.
I am going to Amsterdam (and probably going to Delft for a day to) in a few weeks. One of the guys at the metal department tha we hang out with is from Delft and he is showing a bunch of us around Amsterdam. I am super exited about it, I have been wanting to go to Holland for ages.
So what things can I absolutely NOT miss while in Holland? The plans we have is Kröller-Müller and Efteling.

I hope I will soon find the time to show you the big project f the autumn “bära bäras”. A project inspired by fairy tales, the Victorian era and folk costume.

Swedish fariytale princess

Swedish fairy tale princess - sketch
sorry for not updating but school is keeping me busy but I thought that I would show you what I have made today.
We have had drawing for two days not, learning to use a steel pen and ink and it have been interesting, but I have kind of used it before. I’m kind of obsessed with fairy tales at the moment, especially art Deco style drawing style of the fairy tales of 1900.
So the drawing I made was inspired by my favourite artist of that time; John Bauer, Edmund Dulac, Arthur Rackham and Kay Nielsen.

Swedish fairy tale princess
I believe that this princess have run away from home, feeling sad, angry and betrayed.

Swedish fairy tale princess - detail
It is drawn on unbleached paper, ink with steel pen and then coloured with watercolours and also a bit of gouache colour to get the gray on the horse and the white on the dress.
The feeling of it is mostly John Bauer which is a really famous artist from Sweden the reason for that is probably that I borrowed his way of drawing the forest.

Doubting oneself.

I know it is silly, but I do it all the time, I know it is silly but I do.

I doubt my skills, I doubt my vision and I doubt that I will ever make it as a seamstress or even if that is really what I want.
I know it is silly since I everyday confirm to myself that I have the skills, the will and the need for perfection that I feel every seamstress should have. The doubts probably lie in that fact that I have no idea what to do in a year, that there is no school that I can afford that have a proper tailoring education and what will I do then? Work at a supermarket?

I think that it is what I need, what I want. Perhaps two or three years of proper training in the tailoring area, to be sure of myself, since then I know that I have the training needed.
For one and a half year ago I had no real training in sewing, I just made! And when I started studying sewing for real it seemed that the way I have always done things were the proper way. One year of basic sewing and weaving training and I feel that I have only open the first chapter, but in one way it seems like this book might not have as many chapters as I have imagined.

The real world frightens me, it really does.


So one is supposed to summon up the year that have passed and here comes my 2009

necklacesembroidered pendantsblack on black pincushionpair of stays2009-01-09 pocket hoops
I came up with a new version of my burned books necklace, did some embroidery. I started on a pair of stays and pocket hoops but it took me quite some time to finish them up.

casualsteam  shirt 1the finished jacket frontmy birthday cakegates print - under "construction"gray wool dress - front18th century pair of stays almost done
I made a steampunk inspired shirt, finished my striped jacket, became 21 and therefore made a cake, posted my panties tutorial, printed on fabric, made a gray wool dress and thought that I would finish the pair of stays soon. (it is not done yet ;))

summer dress finishednew dressbutton corset - details backPhotobucketnew necklace designblack warpcoin purses and a bow
I started march out with making a summer dress, then I made another dress to, I had a mini photo shoot all by myself on my balcony, I covered a corset in vintage buttons, I posted my “Victorian skirt” tutorial, I made more pretty necklaces, I wrote about the school I studied at and I also made some bows and purses.

finished rag rugcollectionre:design24 setup 5weaving damask - closeup on pattern
I made a rag rug, my sister turned 13 so I made her a cake, I was busy working with a final collection in school, I entered a competition and won my own sewing machine and I started to weave damask a technique that I totally loved.

button corset 2 - back
May was a bad month for me, my father passed away and that made me tired and I had no energy, to be able to keep the school work up I did not tell my teachers or classmates about it either, I had no time for being sad or being treated different since we were at the end of the term. I did some some things this month, I posted a tutorial on how I sew my corsets which is the thing that is most visited post in my entire blog and I covered a second corset with buttons.

swim dressfashion showorganic cotton jersey balloon dressdamask weave nr2empire waist balloon dressdamask dresscherries dresscarpetbagpanniers
This month was mostly about dresses! I made a swim dress, we had a fashion show in school, I made a organic cotton jersey dress, I started on a new damask fabric, I made a dress for my fathers funeral, I made a dress out of the damask fabric I made, I made a dress with cherries on it, I made a carpet bag and I finally got around to taking pictures of the finished panniers.

sewing a balloon skirtsteampunk heart - beside a pocket watch movement
I worked all of July so there was not really a creative month for me but I managed to make a tutorial on how to make a balloon skirt, drafted my first corset pattern for someone else then me and I also made steampunk hearts.

I did not make anything this month, but I moved and started a new school.

This month I did not make anything either, I felt bad about it and made a tutorial on how to make a pencil skirt and a tutorial for a really simple skirt.

six by six -  furrosa - finishedgreen dress - onstriped corsetleatherworking - iron on transfer and d-ringsleather colour sampleswool balloon dress - mirror picturemoose apron - frontruffle skirtanother woll dress in the makingbook binding
My new school started in the end of august but I ha no time blogging about stuff until October, crazy crazy but fun fun! I tried out hands on new machines, made a leather rose, I made a green dress, I started on and almost finished a striped corset, I learned leather working techniques and how to colour leather, I made a wool balloon dress that became my definite favourite this year, I made a apron out of moose leather, I started some projects I never finished as this ruffle petticoat and this wool dress and I tried my hands on book binding.

scrapswool balloon dress - close up
Busy in school making stuff I had no time for blogging but I managed to post about how to turn leather scraps into useful things, I also translated my corset sewing tutorial to Swedish and made a peter pan collar drafting tutorial.

Xena outfit - on dollChristmas chocolateChristmas wrappingknäckcray dupion corset - lacingpaper model - straight onChristmas dress - closeupstriped corset - onmanipulation fabric - honeycomb smocksmocking leather - in progress on dollCordula B.-Morich
In December I made a lot of stuff but I have not posted about all I made yet. I did make a Xena outfit for a costume party at school, I did a lot of Christmas related stuff, chocolate, gift wrapping and “knäck”. I also made a gray dupion corset. built stuff out of cardboard, a Christmas dress, I finished the striped corset, I smocked a lot of fabric, and some leather to and then I also bought a kick ass pitcher that costed so much more then I could actually afford as a poor student.

Cordula B.-Morich

I just wanted to show you all this fantastic ceramic pitcher I bought myself as a early Christmas present. It was a lot of money for me, being a poor student and all but it was totally worth it.

Cordula B.-Morich
It was love at first sight.

paper models

paper model
We had a guest teacher so we built paper models from drawings we made earlier this semester. I made the stairs outside of our workshop.

paper model - girl
I also added some people to it, it was so strict and boring before, sterile and static. That is why I made them out of another material and not in the same way as I made the stairs, my teacher did not really like that but I don’t give a damn. I love that they are different from the stairs, after all humans are not made out of the same materials as stairs so why should my people be that?

paper model - straight on
I wanted to work “inside the box” and that is why I have chopped of everything that goes outside of the box.

paper model - girl close up
I like the feeling of movement in the girl walking the stairs.

paper model -  from above
My classmates thinks they have a Tim Burton feeling to them, something that was not intended but that is nice, since I do like Tim Burton.

Seriously, school is awesome!

Three days in, three days filled with information, new people and new materials.

As I have mentioned I am studying leather and fur, the school is in the middle of the forest, deep forests all around and a great river in the middle. I will take some pictures of the view from our classroom soon, it is magnificent it really is. I think that Swedish people might understand but for you other people I think that it might be hard to imagine how it all looks here. It is really beautiful!

The class is filled with 12 other creative people ages 19-26 and we have two main teachers that seems awesome; I have meet both but only really had one of them as a teacher yet.
We have already started with the materials and to practice on the machines we are sewing squares together, 36 squares of leather and 36 squares of fur. The materials are so beautiful but at this moment a bit tricky to handle since they differ from fabric and other textiles.

I had this long talk with the teacher I have had so far, talking about who I am and what I want. I got the same thing as I always get, that I seem a bit quiet in big groups. But I told her that I have no trouble with taking space when I want to, one of my good traits is to both be able to blend in nicely in groups and stand out from them.

We also got talking about my jewellery quite the bit and she was excited about it, and told me that I have a really good Idea that is actually finished, a well thought out working business just to start up whenever I feel like it is the time. Which is funny since that is the same thing as I and peter talked about just a few days ago; that all my jewellery making business wants and need is attention and some of my time. I have already proved that I can make a profit out of it, not such a profit that I in any ways can live from it, but on the other hand It have always been a hobby project and not something that I have really invested in with time. He always say such good things that boy; “you just need to rationalize your production and learn to take more money for you things”. He is a wise boy even after too much absinth.
My teacher told me that I should not see or labelling it as crafting, it sound so amateur like and what I am doing is not amateur like “it is so much more that that”.

She also was excited to see how I can incorporate my jewellery into the leather and fur materials and so am I, the materials fit so well into the aesthetics of my pieces and my line of thinking.
Fun thing there are people in my class that have heard of steampunk and actually know what it is, two guys of course, second time that I meet someone on real life that knows what it is. It is nice to finally get to mention the word “steampunk” without getting blank faces in response.