button corset finished

So it is finished :D The buttons were all sewn on by hand by the way :P yes I am crazy!

button corset and fishtail skirt - back
button corset and fishtail skirt
button corset - front
button corset - side
button corset - back
button corset - details back
button corset - details side

The corset itself is made out of two layers of white coutil with a waistband and spring steel boning. It was my fist time making a cupped corset and I am not really satisfied with the result, the shape is a bit wonky and the corset turned out to be to big for me (putting the some pattern pieces in a envelop were another corset size lives is not a good idea), it fits nicely on the body so it is not all to big, but it gives no reduction.

Overall I am happy with it and it gives me a bit of mermaid feeling, I have no idea how many buttons there are, lets stick with A LOT. ^^

mini photo shoot

I had a mini photo shoot all by myself on my balcony this Saturday, and as a girl who want to everything herself I played both model and photographer ;P A bit of fabric in one end of the balcony and the camera on timer in the other was all that was needed to make it work, and I do not have a big balcony at all :P I use a Canon PowerShot A640 and it have custom timer settings, so I have the setting on it waiting 1 second and then taking 10 frames at a row with 1 second in between.
wool jacket and skirt
summer dress
gray striped wool dress
button corset and fishtail skirt - back
button corset and fishtail skirt
Alice skirt and black corset
flower dress- silhouette
flower dress

How to sew a fishtail skirt

I thought that I would bring my “fishtail skirt tutorial” over to here from my livejournal, so here you go :)


I thought that I would share this little tutorial on how to make a nice fishtail skirt, it is really not that hard as it can look and you will end up with a smashing skirt that makes you look flash were ever you go. You can make this skirt at any length, from the knee and down. I put a triangular panel of ruffles in between the two back panels but this tutorial does not include that and this skirt can be both lined and not lined but I will not give any explanation how to line the skirt. Continue reading “How to sew a fishtail skirt”