smocking leather

smocking leather - in progress on doll
After the week with the guest teacher we were supposed to translate the techniques we learned into our own materials, leather.
I chose to work with a nappa leather, the colour is called “petrol” and was quite hard to catch on photo.

smocking leather - sketch
As the smocking was my favourite technique I decided to work with that, I worked with 2*2 cm (0,8*0,8 inches) squares.
I wanted to make a product in stead of just a test square so I decided to make a belt thing.

smocking leather - in progress
In progress

smocking leather - inside
I have a waistband in it so that you can wear it without it dropping down due to the stretch of the smocking.

smocking leather - detail
Close up

smocking leather - overview
I really like how it turned out.

manipulation fabric

manipulation fabric
We had a guest teacher week some weeks ago, she thought us some fabric manipulation techniques. My favourite was learning how to smock fabrics, since that is a technique I have been curious about before.

manipulation fabric - honeycomb smock
manipulation fabric - honeycomb smock detail
manipulation fabric - smocking fabric
manipulation fabric - backside
manipulation fabric - on doll
manipulation fabric - pleats
manipulation fabric - pleats
manipulation fabric - folds
manipulation fabric - folds closeup