and then all the sudden my heart starts to ace for my own loom! Really it is silly, I have not missed it THAT much before but now I stumble on a weaving blog and bang! My heart goes loooooooooom.

Depending on what apartment I find for this fall I might actually have room for a loom *giggles, crappy word game; sorry*, secretly in my heart I’m hoping for that one that is small but have 3 rooms and cost just as much as my current place.
Oh I could have a craftroom! How many people have a craftroom in their apartment at the age of 21? Most people live in a 1 roomer without actual floorspace.

I actually got the question of why? When I said I had a two room apartment.

What do you mean with why? I say; why not?
I kind of need all the space I can get, I have lots of stuff that takes lots of space, or well not really. All the stuff I have except for the furniture did fit into my room at my moms place which is 4 * 2,5 meters. Okey it was always a mess, but I could have it clean and have everything in place.

But now, I just want to weave something, I’m actually having plans of making kitchen towels, cotton warp and flax weft. And damask borders, crowns perhaps? in the bottom. I just need to find a loom and then get a damask equipment for it.

weaving damask

weaving damask - closeup on pattern
The current project that I have in school is weaving damask, a fabric in cotton for a dress and I love it!
There is a whole lot off stuff to do before you start and putting up the whole thing takes perhaps almost twist the time of a regular warp does, but it is so worth it. It makes you able to weave more figural patterns in the weave. It is hard to explain how you do it in English but Ill give it a try. The pattern is built upon sections of four threads, a pattern repeating 17 times over the width of the weave, threading through heddles in groups of four in points on ten shafts, and a liftplan. A bottom weave in 4 shaft cross twill (this is a direct translation from Swedish)

weaving damask - loom

You thread the warp two times, first through the heddles in the back, the ones that you lift manually and then in the heddles in the front the ones that are affected by the threadles.

weaving damask - lifting the pattern shafts

Pulling the little wooden handles makes the shafts and with that all groups that are threaded on that shaft (four threads in each group) rise up. Then you push the threadles and shuttle the yarn as usual as many times as you have threadles, for me four times. Then you take down the shafts and lift new ones (all depending on you pattern of course.) and repeat until you have finished you pattern.

weaving damask - what shafts to lift

Weaving this way with this setup is nice since you can try so many different patterns, it is just to lift the shafts in different ways.

weaving damask - crowns in a row
weaving damask - list
weaving damask - crowns