Hello, long time no see, and what other thing can I say then it is living that have pulled me away from the computer screen. The good company of lovely people that have been my everyday life now. It is true, there is so many wonderful people where I live so that I barley have no time to myself and the computer as I used to have. But I enjoy it!

Creating things, school (which is the same as creating things), friends, movies in good company, hanging out at my place and then also; the guy I met. I could not be more happy with my life than I am now, everything is just perfect and I spend my days being happy doing what I want.

Right now:
I am making a dress inspired by Gaudi and Mucha with leather, silk and bones.
I am hand sewing a green cotehardie for medeivial week at Visby this summer and I am planning for two outfits more at the same time.
I am going to Amsterdam (and probably going to Delft for a day to) in a few weeks. One of the guys at the metal department tha we hang out with is from Delft and he is showing a bunch of us around Amsterdam. I am super exited about it, I have been wanting to go to Holland for ages.
So what things can I absolutely NOT miss while in Holland? The plans we have is Kröller-Müller and Efteling.

I hope I will soon find the time to show you the big project f the autumn “bära bäras”. A project inspired by fairy tales, the Victorian era and folk costume.